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The Shed Boulder County is excited to announce four recipients of the 2018 Plant the Seed Grant Program, with funding support provided by Whole Foods Market. $10,000 will be distributed amongst UpRoot Colorado, The Nederland Food Pantry, Mad Agriculture and Dharma’s Garden.  These successful applicants address Local Food Access, Local Food Innovation and Sustainable Agricultural Practices. They will help to increase the production, affordability and awareness of the importance of local food.



The Nederland Food Pantry will begin construction at the end of the summer for their 4 season solar greenhouse that will provide opportunities for sprouts, fresh vegetables, tools and seeds. Hope Jordan, an active Nederland Community member is a Certified Farmer and manages the current food pantry garden. “We have been able to see how exciting and inspiring gardening is for our community, it gets them thinking holistically about their food, and their planet,” Hope said.



Dharma’s Garden will purchase new circulation and filtration components for their duck pond, helping to create a self-sustaining ecosystem fully integrated with their drip irrigation system. They are a nonprofit neighborhood garden project located in North Boulder providing vegetables, herbs and flowers, grown using biodynamic and organic practices. Their garden runs primarily on well water which tends to run dry in the summer months.



Phil Taylor of Mad Agriculture has been hosting a monthly event at the Altona Grange where agrarians gather for community and action to make our regional food and fiber system more vibrant, just and accessible to all. Mad Agriculture will use the Plant The Seed funds to facilitate forums for the remainder of the year, helping to alleviate the costs of onsite child care and materials needed for facilitation. ”Our approach invites holistic and equal participation from each person, allowing an expansion of the mind, heart and soul that facilitates change at the individual and community level. We breakdown and live in-between categories that often stifle human progress, such as organic vs. conventional, old vs. new, fast vs. slow, GMO vs. non-GMO, right vs. wrong and good vs. bad,” Phil said.


Uproot Colorado, led by Dave Laskarzewski - a current Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Fellow will pilot an employee-owned mobile workforce program. According to Dave, “The end-game of this pilot is to qualitatively and quantitatively construct a path towards a cooperative (i.e., employee-owned) mobile workforce that forms symbiotic relationships with Colorado's producers, growers, and farmers to the economic benefit and stability of everyone involved.” They will begin partnership with a local Veterans-to-Farmers group to provide a viable workforce for the program.


Thank you to all that submitted applications, we wish we had funding for all the amazing work happening within the county. We are excited about the future of local food here in Boulder County. 


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