Plant the Seed: Innovation Grant Program

The Shed aims to increase production, consumption and awareness of local food through their Plant the Seed Innovation Grant program. The purpose of the grant program is to provide seed money for small projects that increase sustainable production, consumption and awareness of local foods in Boulder County. Housed on The Shed: Boulder County website, Plant the Seed Innovation Grant application will be open to Boulder County entities for projects up to $5,000. The Shed plans to award 2-3 grants per grant cycle.


Dig In! Educational Campaign

Local Food: Its About More Than Just Miles

In collaboration with The University of Colorado Boulder, Dig In! is The Shed's educational campaign to promote conversation and understanding about what a foodshed is and how and why local food matters to our community. 

Through Dig In!, The Shed challenges you to answer the question: What does local food and our foodshed mean to you? It may be that you value a connection to others and the earth, humane treatment of animals and workers, money kept in the community, lower carbon footprint, better taste or healthier options. In thinking through these issues, we hope you will Dig In! to local food. 



Edible Landscapes Coalition

As part of The Shed, we created the Boulder Edible Landscapes Coalition. Click here to see our projects.  

Double Up Food Bucks Program

The Shed has supported Boulder County Public Health and the Boulder County Farmers Market in promoting the Double Up Food Bucks Program, which allows low income folks to increase their access to local, fresh food.