Grow Your Own

Growing more of your own food is a great way to ensure that you are eating healthy, nutritious food.


Get In the Know

Attend gardening classes offered by Growing Gardens , Harlequin’s Gardens, and permaculture classes at CU, Naropa, Boulder Permaculture, Rockies Edge Permaculture, or other locations. Consider keeping chickens or bees. Beekeeping classes are offered through Growing Gardens. Click here for great Climate Wise Gardening Tips, courtesy of Elizabeth Black.



Purchase local, hardy, neonicitinoid-free (bee safe) seeds and starts at Harlequin’s Gardens, Growing Gardens, McGuckin Hardware, Center for Resource Conservation’s Garden in a Box, and other places that offer organic options - be sure to ask. The Seed Library at the Boulder Main Public Library offers tons of FREE organic seeds to get you started on the planting adventure. That’s right, just head to the Seeds Café!


Develop your growing systems

Take the guesswork out of knowing what your soil needs and have a more productive garden by testing your soil through CSU Soil Testing Lab. Kits are also available at McGuckin Hardware. TRUTH nutrients are dedicated to plant and soil health and have recipes to ensure success and a healthy environment for flowering plants. Ecocycle’s compost tea can help you build healthier, more nutritious soils and plants. Farm Tubs supply self watering raised beds and great humidity control for water preservation. Looking for a new greenshouse? Ceres Greenhouse Designs are the most energy efficient greenhouses on the market.


Get Help!

Want help gardening in your yard? Contact Urban Farm Company of Colorado for help growing a raised garden, or contact 350BoCo to learn about transitioning your Yards to Gardens.